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Emil Draitser is an award-winning author of fiction and nonfiction. In 1974, he immigrated to the United States, where he has been a professor of Russian at Hunter College in New York City since 1986. In addition to his twelve books, Draitser has published essays and short stories in the Los Angeles Times, Partisan Review and North American Review.

Stalin’s Romeo Spy

Emil Draitser

This extraordinary biography...is gripping, entertaining and immensely formative. An invaluable memoir for understanding the workings of Soviet intelligenceRussian Life Magazine

'Captivating... Stalin's Romeo Spy deserves the attention of anyone interested in the history of the Soviet intelligence services or the history of intelligence in general. Draitser's account reminds us of the feats of espionage the Soviet services were able to accomplish when they set aside all scruples... The book is a reminder of what we need to watch forCIA, Studies in Intelligence

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A sailor, artist, lawyer, and writer, fluent in many languages, Bystrolyotov was one of a team of outstanding Soviet spies operating in Western countries between the world wars. He was a dashing man whose Modus Operandi was the seduction of women – among them a French embassy employee, the wife of a British official, and a disfigured Gestapo officer. He stole military secrets from Nazi Germany Fascist Italy and enabled Stalin to lookinto the diplomatic pouches of many European countries. Idealistically committed to the Motherland, he showed extraordinary courage and physical prowess – twice crossing the Sahara Desert and the jungles of the Congo.

But in 1938, at the height of Stalin’s purges, Bystrolyotov was arrested and tortured. Sentenced to twenty years of hard labour in the Gulag, he risked more severe punishment by documenting the regime’s crimes against humanity. With amazing stamina, he survived the repression and came to realise the true nature of the ideology he once served unquestioningly.