Turkey Unveiled

Turkey Unveiled
A History of Modern Turkey
Hugh and Nicole Pope
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26 Apr 2012
  • History
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Turkey today defies easy categorization. Friends speak of the Turks as blunt yet hospitable, inhabiting a land rich in history and culture, a member of the E.U. and strategic ally to the United States. Detractors cite military coups and concerns about Islamic fundamentalism. Turkey Unveiled reveals this extremely complex country, now in a newly updated edition covering the first decade of the 21st century and the most recent developments in Turkey.

The authors, who speak fluent Turkish and have reported from the country for twenty years, provide a rich mosaic of contemporary Turkey and its formative past. The strengths and weaknesses of the Ottoman Empire, the Armenian tragedy, the Kurdish struggle, the controversial legacy of the brilliant but autocratic founder of modern Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, are all here. They also provide portraits of new leaders who have broken taboos and ushered in new freedoms at a time when other forces attempt to pull Turkey back into the Middle Eastern vortex.


'The most comprehensive history of this often misunderstood place in over a generation ... TURKEY UNVEILED should become the standard-bearing history of this most fascinating society' Gerald Robbins, The Washington Times

'One of the best accounts of Turkey's recent political history' Times Literary Supplement

'A deeply revealing guide to modern Turkish culture and politics that fills a wide gap in general knowledge...a brave and at times ironic book' The New York Times Book Review

'The authors provide a rich mosaic of contemporary Turkey and its formative past' The Middle East

Hugh Pope

About Hugh Pope

Hugh Pope is also the author of Sons of the Conquerors: The Rise of the Turkic World. He was a foreign correspondent for 25 years, most recently at The Wall Street Journal.

Nicole Pope

About Nicole Pope

Nicole Pope is a Swiss journalist and writer based in Istanbul. She has written as Turkey's correspondent for Le Monde, and she currently writes for the Turkish daily Today's Zaman