The Power of Delight

The Power of Delight
John Bayley
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22 Jun 2006
  • Anthology
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Beginning his career at Oxford in the 1950s, the ever-incisive John Bayley has been one of the great bulwarks—in the tradition of William Hazlitt and Edmund Wilson— of twentieth-century world literature. His distinctive sensibility has transformed tastes and theories. Here, in The Power of Delight, a volume that has been assembled with the assistance of New Yorker editor Leo Carey, we see at last the full range of Bayley’s life and work, divided into eight sections that include ‘English Literature,’ ‘Russian Novels,’ and ‘American Poetry.’ A wide-ranging guide to essential reading, The Power of Delight examines classics, neglected gems and masterpieces of our time—from Jane Austen to Milan Kundera, Leo Tolstoy to John Ashbery, and from Robert Lowell’s messy persona to George Orwell’s self-canonization.

*Book of the Year 2005 for Diana Evans in the Independent, Peregrine Worthsthorne in the New Statesman, Booker Prize winner John Banville in the Guardian, and Susie Boyt in the Observer

John Bayley

About John Bayley

John Bayley is the author of Alice, The Queer Captain, George’s Lair and The Red Hat, as well as the best-selling memoirs, Iris, Iris and the Friends and Widower’s House – all published by Duckworth. He was Warton Professor of English at the University of Oxford and is a fellow of St Catherine’s College. He lives in Oxford.

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