The Once and Future Spy

The Once and Future Spy
Robert Littell
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23 Aug 2007
  • Fiction
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Inventive, imaginative, and relentlessly gripping, The Once and Future Spy is easy to read, hard to put down.

The Once and Future Spy, by the New York Times bestselling author Robert Littell—whose most recent novel The Company received acclaim across the nation—has long been unavailable. This is Littell at the top of his form, a tale of espionage and counterespionage that revels the dirty tricks and dangerous secrets about the subjects Littell knows best—the CIA and American history. The Once and Future Spy proves beyond all doubt that Littell is a storyteller of the highest calibre.

At the center of Littell’s plot is an elite plan, so secret and so dangerous that its existence is known only to a tiny group of specialists within the innermost core of the CIA. There is virtually no paper trail—but somehow the plan has sprung a leak and the plotters must urgently plug it—or face deadly consequences. Meanwhile, at work elsewhere on another highly sensitive project for ?the Company? is an operative known as ?the Weeder?—a man obsessed with American history and on of its heroes. When the Weeder’s and Washington’s clandestine worlds collide, the present faces the past and disturbing moral choices are weighed against a shining patriotic dream. What is the truth? Whose truth should be believed?

Robert Littell

About Robert Littell

Robert Littell is the author of seventeen previous novels, most recently Young Philby. He has been hailed as ‘The best American spy writer currently at work’ (Daily Telegraph), and he has been awarded both the CWA Gold Dagger (for his debut, The Defection of AJ Lewinter) and the Los Angeles Times Book Prize for his fiction. His novel The Company was a New York Times bestseller and was adapted into a television miniseries in 2007, produced by Ridley Scott. He lives in France.

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