The Lolita Effect

The Lolita Effect
M G Durham
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24 Sep 2009
  • Social Science
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We are constantly bombarded with alarming media images: brand-name thong underwear for ten-year-olds with the slogans ‘Wink Wink’ and ‘Eye Candy’ printed on them; oversexed and underdressed celebrities; Bratz dolls and their ‘sexy’ clothing line for preteens. How do we raise sexually healthy young women in this kind of environment?

In The Lolita Effect, university professor and journalist M G Durham offers new insight into media myths and spectacles of sexuality. Using examples from popular TV shows, fashion and beauty magazines, movies and websites, Durham shows for the first time all the ways in which sexuality is rigidly and restrictively defied in media – often in ways detrimental to girls’ healthy development.

Durham provides us with the tools to navigate this media world effectively without censorship or moralising, and then to help our girls to do so in strong and empowering ways


'I would recommend [this] book to parents and teachers who want to help the youngsters in their care grow up with a healthy and confident attitude to sex' Jenni Murray 

'An author who writes like a human being, with very little tendency to the worst excesses of the jargon of academia. She's a professor of mass communication and media, and it shows in [her] lightness of touch' Daily Mail

'Should be required reading for parents' St. Louis Post-Dispatch

M G Durham

About M G Durham

M G Durham is professor of journalism and mass communication at the University of Iowa. Her research on adolescent girls and media has appeared in such academic journals as Youth & Society and Critical Studies in Media Communication. She served on the editorial board of The Encyclopedia of Children, Adolescents and the Media. A passionate advocate for children’s rights and social justice, she lives with her husband and two daughters in Iowa City.