The Inequality Paradox

The Inequality Paradox
How Capitalism can Work for Everyone
Douglas McWilliams
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1 Nov 2018
  • Economics, Politics & Current Affairs
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In this accessible and thought-provoking book, leading UK economist Douglas McWilliams challenges the claims of Thomas Piketty’s bestselling Capital, arguing that economic inequality is driven not by a conspiracy of the rich, but by changes in technology and globalisation. Paradoxically, they are increasing inequality even as they reduce worldwide poverty. How can these seemingly contradictory conditions exist in parallel? What ultimately drives the global distribution of wealth?

Drawing on the latest research, McWilliams investigates why wealth persistently remains in the hands of the one percent, and provides a comprehensive thesis as to why no economic system has yet superseded capitalism despite the challenges of ever more uneven income distribution. He warns of the coming wave of technological transformation – the ‘fourth industrial revolution’ – which is set to create a scarcity of unskilled jobs and explains what governments can do to prepare for this. The Inequality Paradox is written for the general reader but professional economists/policymakers will discover a fresh and authoritative new voice entering the global discussion. It is essential reading for understanding the global economy and indispensable in preparing for the imminent economic challenges of our rapidly shifting world.


‘One of the most important books to be published on the British economy in decades’ The Evening Standard

‘A pleasantly optimistic book. It is comforting to buy into McWilliams’s vision of a vibrant technological engine in Old Street powering Britain back to prosperity’ The Sunday Times

Douglas McWilliams

About Douglas McWilliams

Douglas McWilliams is executive chairman of Cebr, one of the UK’s leading specialist economics consultancies now one of the most highly respected sources of business advice and research. His career has focussed on making economics relevant to commerce, first as chief economic adviser to the Confederation of British Industry, then as Chief Economist for IBM UK. In 2012 he was chosen from over 300 applicants to become the Gresham Professor of Commerce.

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