The Cryptic Pub Quiz

The Cryptic Pub Quiz
Frank Paul
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  • Hardback
16 Nov 2017
  • Non-Fiction
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“This is the book for crossworders and pub quizzers. A must-read”
Hugh Stephenson, Guardian Crossword Editor

Since 2015, the Mill in Cambridge has hosted an unusually fiendish quiz that combines the pub’s warmth with the logic and wordplay of the cryptic crossword.

This unique book is the work of the artist Frank Paul who has gathered the best rounds from the Mill’s quiz night – filled to the brim with drawings as exquisite and intricate as the puzzles to challenge and amuse you and your fellow quiz-fans. Questions might take the form of wordsearch poems, jokes, rebuses, 11+ exam-style analogies (but far more fun), and a round that allows contestants to use each letter of the alphabet only once in their answers. There’s even a murder mystery to sink your teeth into, and a bewildering encounter with the Sphinx. Among the rounds you will find: Spot the Similarities, Foot in Mouth, Premature Obituaries, Advent Calendar of Doom, Motion Picture Mixture, Crawl Inside My Idiom Attic, Gogglebox Jigsaw, Chemical Element Blind Date, and so many more.

A rewarding challenge, The Cryptic Pub Quiz will bring joy to everyone from the Tuesday night pub quiz fan to the cryptic crossword aficionado, and all who cannot resist having their minds bent, blown and boggled.



'This is the book for crossworders and pub quizzers. A must-read' Hugh Stephenson, Guardian Crossword Editor

'Frank Paul is an extremely impressive chap and a dazzling quizzer' Victoria Coren Mitchell, Presenter of Only Connect

'A 21st-century Lewis Carroll. The best quizmasters aim to delight, and Cryptic Pub Quiz does so on every page...Relentlessly creative, frequently hilarious and consistently beautiful' Alan Connor, Author of The Joy of Quiz and former question editor for Only Connect and Richard Osman's House of Games

‘The advantages of cryptic questions is that they make it more difficult to sneak off to the bathroom and look up the answer on your phone… the trick is to pay attention to detail’ The Observer

‘a collection... that all sensible quizmasters will steal from without attribution over the next couple of years’ The Spectator

'I am most impressed with the high quality of the questions. They should offer an enjoyable challenge to those adept at cryptic crossword solving' Tim Moorey, author of How to Crack Cryptic Crosswords

‘Frank Paul's quizzes are learning dressed up to have fun - aerobics of the mind, push-ups of the brain, and tickles of the funny bone’ Richard Lederer, author of Anguished English and former co-host of A Way with Words

‘Beautifully written and illustrated… Frank is a fantastic artist and quizmaster’ Talk Radio Europe

'One of the best Quiz Masters on the planet' The Mill Pub, Cambridge

‘Is this the toughest quiz ever?… An unusually fascinating book [and] a new contender for the hardest quiz around…  Dull men in pubs across the country, who downloaded their quiz for £5 that morning, will ask you the capital of Peru… They are not worthy to lick Frank Paul’s boots’ The Daily Mail

‘It mixes the warmth of the traditional pub quiz with the logic and wordplay of the cryptic crossword’ Quiz Britain


Praise for Frank Paul

'Frank Paul is a talented artist, possibly a brilliant one' The Times

'Intimate, provocative, revealing... that feeling of being transported to another place is something you can readily experience in Frank's work' Sheana Eccles, Bohemia Galleries

Frank Paul

About Frank Paul

Frank Paul has gathered the best of more than 100 rounds of pub quizzes into this book. Alongside the questions and often forming part of the questions are his drawings, which are as intricate as the puzzles. His work has been shown at Marlborough Fine Art exhibition and at solo exhibitions in York and London. Paul is the son of Lucian Freud and Celia Paul. He resides in Cambridge, where he runs the pub quiz at The Mill pub, and lives with his partner and their daughter.