The Book of English Folk Tales

The Book of English Folk Tales
Sybil Marshall
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  • Hardback
1 Dec 2016
  • Anthology
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Winner of the Angel Prize for Literature

A master storyteller, social historian and folklorist, Sybil Marshall scoured English history to bring together a fascinating collection of folk tales in one glorious edition. Out-of-print for over thirty years, Duckworth is re-issuing this bewitching book to enchant a new audience. From the great mass of folk tales that exists, Sybil Marshall has chosen a wide variety of stories, retelling them with wit and suspense. We have her tales of the little people and of giants, of the Devil and the saints, and supernatural and moral tales. Let Sybil Marshall lead you through the old English countryside, exploring the beliefs and legends of time gone by. This beautifully packaged edition, complete with wood engraved illustrations by John Lawrence, will entertain, educate and ensnare audiences of all ages.

With 72 Black and White Woodcut Illustrations 


'This is a beautiful collection that is stunningly presented… a wonderful gift for lovers of folklore, especially for those who want to expand their knowledge of English folk tales' Bookbag