Secret Universe of Names

Secret Universe of Names
Roy Feinson
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26 Aug 2010
  • Mind, Body & Spirit
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Charisma. Career success. Love and friendship. Power. How much of each starts with the sound of your name? What does the sound of your name say about you? How does it affect not only your self-image but, even more importantly, the expectations that others have of you?

The Secret Universe of Names explains, in fascinating detail and with name-by-name examples, how a name evokes basic, gut reactions, and what this means for you and yours.

• Why are people whose names begin with the letter J 250% more likely to become millionaires than people with names beginning with the letter N?
• Why are people with I names becoming doctors at four times the rate of those with O names?
• Why do the Keiths of the business world statistically outperform the Nigels by almost 300%?
• Why do the Peters of the world consistently earn more money than the Alexs?
• What mechanisms explain why the name Emma evokes stronger romantic feelings than the name Kate?
• Can names influence our behaviour and affect our self-image?
• What are the unseen forces in our names that affect our destiny, and how can we harness them to ensure our children’s success?