Nights of the Living Dead

Nights of the Living Dead
George A. Romero
Jonathan Maberry
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7 Sep 2017
  • Anthology
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Includes original short stories by George A. Romero and Jonathan Maberry based on the cult classic film Night of the Living Dead

It all started in 1968 on that dreadful night in a remote farmhouse... the world experienced a brand-new kind of terror with the debut of George A. Romero s landmark film Night of the Living Dead. The dead rose to attack the living, not as vampires or werewolves, but as something modern and terrifying. Since then, zombies have invaded every aspect of popular culture.

Nights of the Living Dead returns to that night when it all began. New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Maberry teamed up with Romero, the godfather of the living dead, to present a collection of all-new tales set during the forty-eight hours of that legendary outbreak. In addition to original stories by Romero and Maberry themselves, this anthology includes stories by some of today s most important writers. This anthology is an instant classic that belongs on the shelves of every horror and sci-fi reader.


Night of the Living Dead held up a mirror to the chaos, complexity, and conflict that defines humanity in crisis’ Max Brooks, bestselling author of World War Z and The Zombie Survival Guide

‘There would be no Walking Dead, Resident Evil, World War Z, Zombieland, etc. without Romero and his immeasurable contributions to the genre’ Tony Timpone, Editor Emeritus, Fangoria

Night Of The Living Dead didn’t just invent the zombie genre…  it established that genre’s most significant theme: that we, humanity, are more dangerous than the undead’ Christos Gage, New York Times bestselling writer of comics Buffy and Spider-Man

'Night of the Living Dead created a mythology that is both a lens through which to view the fissures at civilization's core, and a mirror whose reflection offers an unflinching view into man's very soul. Ignore the skeptics; the 'Zombie Apocalypse' paradigm will never be irrelevant' Axel AlonsoEditor-in-Chief of Marvel Comics.

'Night of the Living Dead is to zombies what Gone With the Wind is to romance. George Romero found a way to re-invent terror with this groundbreaking film that birthed an entire genre' Doug Jonesstar of Pan's LabyrinthHellboy 1&2, and Hocus Pocus

'The zombie phenomena originally scratched its way out of the grave in George Romero's Night of the Living Dead and now Romero is surrounded by his [progeny] Jonathan Maberry and many other talented-but-horrific folk to to give the living dead another night in which to scare the bejeezus out of all of us' Chris Ryallcreative director for IDW Comics, author of Zombies vs Robots

'Zombies? They're George's toys and we're all just playing with them. Some kids play with them right, some don't. I hope when I've played with them it s the former. Without NOTLD none of us would be enamored of rotting, flesh-eating, zombies. We may bend the rules to suit our needs, but he wrote the rules and we all owe him a barge-load of gratitude' Robert Fingermancartoonist and author of Recess Pieces, and Pariah

George A. Romero

About George A. Romero

George A. Romero (Feb 4th, 1940 – July 16th, 2017) was an American-Canadian film maker, writer and editor, best known for his series of gruesome and satirical horror films about an imagined zombie apocalypse, beginning in 1968 with Night of the Living Dead, considered a progenitor of the concept of the modern zombie.