Mahler’s Concerts

Mahler’s Concerts
Knud Martner
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4 Nov 2010
  • Music, Film & Theatre
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Today regarded as one of the most important composers, during his lifetime Gustav Mahler was best known as one of the world’s most acclaimed conductors. Mahler’s Concerts provides the first complete history of Mahler on the podium with detailed information including the works performed, soloists and concert halls for each of the more than 300 concerts he conducted with leading orchestras including the New York Philharmonic, for which he served as Music Director for the last few years of his life. In addition to a chronological listing of each concert, various indexes provide the ability to track down concerts by composer or soloist.

In addition, there are fascinating tables that rank which composers and works were Mahler’s favourites. There are also introductions which describe Mahler’s life and musical activities for each chapter. A special feature of the book is the more than 250 reproductions of rare programs, playbills and advertisements covering the concerts Mahler conducted.

Knud Martner

About Knud Martner

Knud Martner is one of the foremost authorities on Mahler. In recognition of his contribution to Mahler scholarship, Knud Martner was awarded the coveted gold medal of the International Gustav Mahler Society in Vienna.