Literary Russia: A Guide

Literary Russia: A Guide
To the Authors, Characters, Scenes and Streets
Rosamund Bartlett and Anna Benn
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  • Hardback
13 Dec 2007
  • Russian
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An enthralling guide to Russia's literary landscape.

Russian writers have always played a special role in the spiritual, intellectual, and political lives of their readers. This book reveals the warmth and energy with which their legacy is cherished. The authors take the reader on a tour of sites of the most important scenes of Russian literature. Readers can trace the steps of Raskolnikov through St. Petersburg or follow Esenin's bohemian life in Moscow. A book to be read at home as much as by travellers, Literary Russia sketches not only an extraordinary literary map of Russia but also a whole social and political panorama that unfolds in vivid and remarkable detail.

Rosamund Bartlett

About Rosamund Bartlett

Rosamund Bartlett has published widely on diverse aspects of Russian literary, musical and cultural history. She is also an accomplished translator: her Chekhov anthology, About Love and Other Stories, was shortlisted for the Weidenfeld European Translation Prize in 2005. She lives in Oxford.

Anna Benn

About Anna Benn

Anna Benn studied Russian at the universities of Exeter and St. Petersburg. The editor of The Insight Guide To Russia, she now lives in London.