Carolina Skeletons

Carolina Skeletons
David Stout
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  • Paperback
23 Oct 2014
  • Crime & Thriller
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As a fourteen-year-old black boy living in 1940s South Carolina, Linus Bragg should know better than to follow two white girls on bicycles. But something about Sue Ellen and Cindy Lou compels him. Whatever the reason, he follows the girls into the woods. It’s the worst mistake he ever makes. When he comes into the clearing, both girls are dead and young Linus is the natural suspect.

Forty years later, a nephew of Linus’s returns to South Carolina, curious about this dark moment in his family’s past. To find the fourth person who visited the clearing that day means re-opening a sinister chapter of the small town’s history, which certain men thought had closed forever.


‘This sensitive, well-written book is full of compassion and understanding’ The New York Times

'It's a fascinating and convincing read, full of pace, power, wonderful descriptions and totally believable situations, with a message that rings as true today as when it first appeared' Crime Review


David Stout

About David Stout

David Stout is an accomplished reporter who has been writing mysteries and true crime since the 1980s. Born in Pennsylvania, Stout took a job at The New York Times in 1982, where he began writing his first novel, Carolina Skeletons, which won the Edgar Award for Best First Novel.