Act of Fear

Act of Fear
A Dan Fortune Mystery
Michael Collins
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  • Paperback
28 Apr 2014
  • Crime & Thriller
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Until he lost his arm, Dan Fortune was known all over Chelsea as a crook with promise. Since fate forced him to go straight, he has become the resident private eye of this run-down part of Manhattan, chiselling a career out of divorce work and subpoena delivery. But a big case is coming his way.

A beat cop is mugged in broad daylight and the only possible witness disappears the next morning. Unsure if he’s looking for a witness or a perp, Fortune hunts for the kid, unearthing ugly secrets in a neighbourhood he thought he knew well. 


'An extremely satisfying mystery' Jildysauce

Praise for Michael Collins

‘Collins is a skilled performer in the Hammett-Chandler-Macdonald tradition’ The New York Times

‘To spin tales as intriguing and thought provoking as these for three decades is a remarkable enough achievement. Even more remarkable is the sustained quality’ Los Angeles Times

Michael Collins

About Michael Collins

Michael Collins is the pen name of Dennis Lynds, the author of more than eighty novels and two hundred short stories. He earned a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart for his service in WWII, and lived in California.